Leica CM3000 Cryostat

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LEICA JUNG CM3000 Research Cryostat in excellent condition and ready for sectioning.
Heavy-duty research grade versatile cryosectioning system that is designed to meet a broad range sectioning requirements in Histology,   Pathology and Dermatology field. Equipped with spacious chamber and auto trimming at 5, 10,  30,50,100 microns.
Cryostat Specifications:
-Power requirements 110V/60Hz.
-Microtome 2045C with angle oriented Specimen head.
-Motorized advance of Specimen head with two speeds.
-Chamber temperature adjustable to -40C.
-Quick freeze shelf to -50C.
-Sectioning range 0.5-60 microns.
-Trimming at 5,10,30,50,100,150 microns.
-Automatic 24 hour Defrost cycle.
-Display counter for every section.

Comes complete with Disposable blade holder system, glass anti roll plate, specimen chucks, disposable blades, operating manual, brushes and one bottle of low temp. oil.
Dimensions: 35″W , 30″D , 41″H
The Cryostat is calibrated and tested . Comes with Warranty