About Midwest Lab Equipment

Discover the story behind Midwest Lab Equipment, where our commitment to supporting scientific discovery through quality laboratory equipment is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Story

A Family-Owned Business with a Global Reach

Midwest Lab Equipment began as a family-owned venture in the Midwest and later moved to Florida. Our roots in the community and dedication to advancing medical research have remained steadfast throughout our journey.

  • Foundational Beginnings: Starting in the Midwest, our business reflects the values of integrity, dedication, and community focus.
  • Growth and Relocation: Moving to Florida was a significant step in our expansion, broadening our horizons while maintaining our core values.
  • Nationwide Service: Today, we are proud of our reach, serving customers from all parts of the USA.

Our Mission

Dedication to Quality and Support

Our mission is to support laboratories and research facilities with high-quality, refurbished equipment that meets and exceeds industry standards. We believe in restoring instruments to factory specifications, ensuring they deliver optimal performance and reliability.

  • Uncompromised Quality: Each piece of equipment is meticulously refurbished to ensure peak performance.
  • Innovation in Refurbishment: We employ advanced techniques to upgrade and modernize equipment for contemporary lab needs.
  • Sustainability Focus: By refurbishing equipment, we contribute to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly approach in the medical industry.

Our Expertise

Two Decades of Industry Leadership

We are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers, which includes prestigious institutions like Cornell University, Ohio State, Duke University, Columbia University, University of Miami, and numerous hospitals, medical centers, and research labs.


– Customer Satisfaction: Our goal is to foster long-term relationships based on trust, quality, and reliability.

– Community Involvement: We actively engage with the scientific community to stay abreast of evolving laboratory needs.

– Global Reach, Personal Touch: While we serve a global clientele, we maintain a personalized approach in all our customer interactions.

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