Leica CM3050S Cryostat

Product Description

  • Actively cooled quick freezing shelf (-45 °C)
  • Automatic hot gas defrost cycle, programmable
  • Manual defrosting, independent operation for the cryochamber and the specimen head
  • Usage of both standard and all Miles®-specimen discs possible
  • Battery-powered electronic memory back-up
  • Optional hydraulic height adjustment
  • Optional separate specimen cooling adjustable down to -50 °C
  • Cooling via two separate refrigeration systems in units with specimen cooling (optional)

The Leica CM3050S is an advanced cryostat system designed to enhance user comfort and to meet the demands of cryosectioning in a broad range of research applications. Featuring excellent safety standards for practically all types of cryosectioning applications, the CM3050S is the perfect solution for precise specimen orientation and output quality.



Among the many superior features of the CM3050S system is its powerful, quick freezing shelf. The actively cooled quick freezing shelf (-45 °C) with its heat extractor allows extremely fast specimen freezing. A truly flexible system, this Leica cryostat allows for hydraulic cabinet height adjustment to give the user freedom to work comfortably while sitting or standing. All functional keys are easily accessible in any position.



The Leica CM3050S cryostat provides the most important settings such as cutting speed range, cryo chamber and specimen temperature, defrost time and duration, coarse feed and object temperature can be conveniently and accurately preselected by simply pushing a button. A new feature that has been added is the section thickness selection from outside the cryochamber – now conveniently located at the control panel.

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