Leica RM2135 Rotary Microtome

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Leica RM2135 Rotary Microtome

The LEICA RM 2135 is a ‘classic’ manual rotary microtome based on 125 years of Leica experience in manufacturing and design. The ergonomical concept of the RM 2135 microtome integrates extraordinary safety standards and user friendly operation.

Cross roller bearings for the horizontal and vertical specimen feed ensure accurate reproducibility of section thickness and optimal section quality. This technology is used for the first time in a manually operated rotary microtome.

A new patented gravitational force compensation systemoffsets the centrifugal forces that arise during the sectioning process. The new system ensures a very smooth and easy turn of the handwheel to obtain a uniform stroke for excellent,  chatter-free sections. As a result, online the smooth running handwheel creates stress-free working conditions and repetitive motion disorders are reduced to a minimum.

Special Features:

* Maintenance free cross roller bearing slideways.
* Specimen retraction feature is standard and can be turned ON/OFF.
* Consistently perfect sectioning results with standard steel/tungsten carbide knives or disposable blades (low or high profile) using the universal knife holder with lateral displacement.
* Section thickness settings from 1 to 60 um.
* Mechanical trimming function (10 um and 30 um).
* Security handwheel can be locked in any position.
* Closed housing, easy to clean.
* Ergonomically designed microtome base plate with integrated arm rests for fatigue free operation.
* All accessories in the 2000 series are compatible with the 2135.
* Smooth and efficient operation with maximum operator safety features.


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