Leica CM1510 Cryostat

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Excellent condition and complete. The Leica CM1510 is the best-value cryostat available for all cryo- and critical applications such as Mohs surgery. The Cryostat is tested and calibrated.

Power supply -110v / 60hz.
Microtome – with Angle oriented DISPOSABLE BLADE HOLDER.
Specimen Holder with locking mechanism and 360 degrees orientation.
Motorized Advance of Specimen head with two speeds.
Sectioning – (1-60 microns).
Cooling – Adjustable to minus -35 C degrees.
Automatic 24 hour Defrost cycle.

The Cryostat comes with all accessories and Warranty:
– Instruction Manual
– Specimen holders
– Low temperature lubrication oil
– Disposable blades
– OCT compound medium
– Brushes

INSTALLATION AND TRAINING – Optional: You can purchase Installation and Training on Site. Please contact us for Quote.

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