Leica CM1850 Cryostat

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Leica CM1850 Cryostat microtome sectioning with OCT at 5 microns

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The Leica CM 1850 Cryostat incorporates the proven excellent features of its predecessor, Leica CM 1800, but additional emphasis was placed on power saving, increased efficiency, and operator safety. The result is a versatile cryostat with optimized cooling system, rapid specimen freezing, and smooth specimen orientation for the high quality sectioning demanded in routine histology and clinical pathology. Up to date technology with an ergonomic design – for quick and safe sectioning.

  • Chamber temperature down to -35 C
  • Actively cooled quick freeze shelf with Peltier unit to -60 C
  • Sectioning 1-60 microns
  • Power-saving refrigeration system
  • Splash protected microtome
  • Motorized coarse feed at two speeds
  • Smooth specimen orientation with automatic centering
  • Automatic and manual chamber defrost cycles
  • Manual quick freeze shelf defrost cycle
  • Ergonomic design with convenient foot rest

Enhanced insulation. A new insulation technology leads power savings of approximately 10% compared to conventional heat insulation systems.
Quick specimen freezing. An actively cooled freezing shelf allows extremely fast specimen freezing down to -60 degrees Celsius with the Peltier unit.
Functional CE knife holder. The lateral displacement feature of the CE knife holder for disposable blades allows the use of the entire blade length without the need to re-position the blade. A glass anti-roll guide integrated into the holder is automatically positioned with the blade movement.
The instrument comes with all accessories and Warranty :
– Instruction Manual
– Specimen holders
– Low temperature lubrication oil
– Disposable blades
– OCT compound medium
– Brushes

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