Leica Cryocut 1800 Cryostat

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Excellent condition and complete. Comes with Warranty. Histology, Pathology or Dermatology Lab technicians will get nice consistent 5 micron frozen sections. Perfect for Mohs Dermatology applications and cutting fatty tissue, such as breast or skin.
The Cryostat cools down quickly to the desired low temperature in 1.5 hours. It has new compressor and Freon 404A. The counter weighted Handwheel is balanced to the Microtome and the rotation is smooth and free. The Cryostat is tested and calibrated.

Power supply -110 v / 60 hz.
Microtome – 2020 model with Angle oriented DISPOSABLE BLADE HOLDER.
Specimen Holder with locking mechanism and 360 degree orientation.
Motorized Advance of Specimen head with two speeds.
Sectioning – (1-60 microns).
Cooling – Adjustable to minus -35 C degrees.
Automatic 24 hour Defrost cycle.

The instrument comes with all accessories and Warranty:
– Instruction Manual
– Specimen holders
– Low temperature lubrication oil
– Disposable blades
– OCT compound medium.
– Brushes
INSTALLATION AND TRAINING – Optional: You can purchase Installation and Training on Site.

Cryocut 1800 big2