Leica RM2145 Microtome

Leica RM2145 Microtome 1 Leica RM2145 Microtome 2 Leica RM2145 Microtome 3

The LEICA RM 2145 is a semi-motorized rotary microtome, especially designed for parafin specimens in routine and research applications. Histologists can benefit from this versatile and easy to use microtome. This ergonomic microtome uses a traditional handwheel for manual sectioning. Automated coarse specimen advance is available in three trimming increments and can also be performed manually.

A newly designed ‘step motor operated micrometer feed system’ ensures precise advance by the selected section thickness. This precision feed guarantees consistent section thickness and high reproducible section quality.

Advanced features include:

  • Single-handed quick release specimen clamping system.

  • LED display of section thickness and section count.

  • Fast and safe specimen orientation with anti-tilt function.

  • STEP-trimming in increments of 5 um, 15 um, and 30 um.

  • Motorized coarse advance operated using a rocker button.

  • Section thickness settings from 0.5 to 60 um.

  • Programmable specimen retraction.

  • 70 mm vertical stroke.

  • Knife holder system with lateral displacement function.

  • Visual-acoustical warning indicating remaining specimen feed.

  • Maintenance-friendly design.

  • Compliance with CE, UL, CSA, and VDE/GS requirements.

  • DIN EN IOS 9001 certified.

Awesome Microtome, complete, calibrated, and it comes with Warranty.