Microm HM505E big1

High performance Cryostat with micrometer mechanism and monobloc system for optimum precision and stability.
Backlash and maintenance-free precision cross roller bearings offer precise and smooth cutting movement at any temperature.
Standard specimen orientation on x/y axes for higher quality and comfort.
Different specimen stages up to 70 x 50 mm for more flexibility.
Disposable blade holder with anti-roll guide takes high- and low-profile blades. The blade can be shifted together with clamping block for convenience and better security.
Hermetically sealed cooling system with powerful compressor.
Frost-free cooling chamber with temperature control down to -35 C.
Automatic defrosting device.
Isolated fluorescent lamp for cabinet illumination.
Specific Characteristics HM 505 E with integrated motorized feed system for all horizontal specimen movements.
Specimen retraction in return stoke.
Combined section and trimming thickness setting of 1 to 500 microns.
Trimming mode in 15 defined steps.
Pulse or permanent feed for trimming can be chosen.
Extended display functions with section counter, sum of section thicknesses, and remaining travel to front end position.
Internal check function with error code indication.
Touch pad keyboard.
Ergonomic positioning of handwheel with safety lock.