Shandon Histocentre 2 Embedding Station

histocenter2 big1

Excellent condition. Large, all in one work area, well-illuminated.
The wax flow rate is precisely adjusted with the dispenser jet.
Large storage.
5.2 liter paraffin tank.
Large heated storage area for all types and sizes of base molds.
Spacious cold plate stores up to 60 blocks.
Cassette area holds up to 200 cassettes.

Cold Plate temp: -10 Deg. C
Hot plate temp. range: 55 to 70 C
Tissue Storage compartment range: 40 C to 80 C
Forceps warmer: 80 C
Paraffin wax storage temp. range: 45 C to 65 C
Weight: 50 kg (110 Lb)

histocenter2 big2